Nail Extensions Acrylics.

Nail Extensions with Nail Polish £32.00

Nail Extensions with Gel Polish £35.00.

French Tips/Colour/Glitter /Fade Ombre £35.00.

Sculpting Acrylic and Hard Gels

Acrylic Full Set with Gel Polish £40.00.

Hard Gel Full Set with Gel Polish £45.00.

A Touch of Sparkle & Nail Art

Nail Stamping Designs/Foils/Pigments

From 50p per nail or £3.00 per Set.

Glitter 50p per nail or £3.00 per Set.

Treatments for our Partner's/Hubbies

File, Cut/Shape & Cuticles £10.00.

Mini Manicure with creams £15.00.

Overlay's Infill & Soak Off Treatments.

Gel Overlay - no extension applied.

Gel Overlay with Nail Polish £27.00.

Gel Overlay with Gel Polish £30.00.

Infill/Rebalance 3/4 weeks

Acrylic & Hard Gel £20.

China Glaze Week Polish inc Top Coat £2.00.

Gel Polish £6.00.

Nail replacement from £2.00.

Removal, file and Shape £12.00.

(I am no longer removing walk in high street nails)

Any Nail Extensions over five weeks wear will be treated as a new set of Extensions)

Natural Nail Treatments.

File, Cut/Shape & Cuticles

File & Weekly Nail Polish £18.00.

Gel Polish Fingers or Toes £19.00.

Gel Polish Removal and Reapplication £22.00.

Gel Polish Fingers and Toes £35.00.

Beauty Treatments.

Eyelash Tint  £10.00

Eyebrow Tint £10.00

Lash Lift £30.00

with Tint £35.00

48 hour Patch Test and Consultation required before your treatment. There is no charge for the Patch Test

Book your Beauty Treatments during your Nail Appointment and receive a discount on these treatments.

Manicure & Pedicure.

File, Cut/Shape, Luxury Hand Soak, Cuticles,  Massage & Exfoliation.

Classic Manicure with Nail Polish £20.00.

Classic Manicure with Gel Polish £30.00

Full Pedicure with Nail Polish £25.00

Full Pedicure Gel Polish £35.00

Book a Manicure & Pedicure Package and receive £5 off your treatment.

Your Guarantee

A Free Aftercare Leaflet will be offered at your first initial appointment along with a free tube of opi cuticle oil

Limited to 1 per customer.


All nail extensions are guaranteed for the first five days from your initial appointment

Gel Polish is guaranteed for the first 48 hours from your initial appointment.


All Nail extension prices include top coat

Guarantee of your nails does not include colour change or reshaping/reducing length of nails.