Aftercare of your Extensions/Gel Polish


Bearing in mind your nail extensions will take up to 24 hours to fully cure try to avoid bathing/showering and washing hair.  Use wipes for washing hands during this time.


Apply cuticle oil daily.


Alternative cuticle oils which you can use are Coconut, Almond, Olive and Butter Oils.


No Baby, Vaseline or Mineral Oils to be used.


Avoid Hand Creams, it contains lanolin which can be quite corrosive, it can cause bubbling to Gel or Nail Polish and can cause lifting to nail extensions and gel polish.


Always wear rubber gloves when washing up, cleaning Bathrooms or Gardening.


Use a tool for opening cans, not your nail extensions.


Only use an acetone free nail polish remover for removing nail polish to your extensions.


Learn to do things with the pads of your fingers rather than your fingertips and nails.


Take care opening car doors, this is a classic problem I hear mostly of breaking a nail enhancement.


Bear in mind that it generally takes a few days to get used to wearing your nail enhancements if you have not had them on for a while or are new to nail enhancements.


Do not wear your nails too long. The length of your nails should suit your lifestyle.


Do not ignore a condition that develops around your nails. Allergies to nail products are rare.


If lifting occurs please do not stick it down, call me for a repair appointment.


If you decide you want to remove the artificial nails, please do not chew or bite them off. Please call me and I will arrange an appointment with you to remove your extensions professionally.